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2nd-Aug-2012 11:02 pm - A sort of catch-up post
Warehouse 13
It's been ages since I posted properly. I used to think that I was actually quite good at this, and then I realised that even going back ten entries takes it way back into last year. Livejournal fail.

What has happened lately? Well, I went to Germany (a day late, because I hurt my leg very badly and was on crutches at the start of the week) and met both ceilyn_rm and daryadavoyen, who were both amazing to hang out with, and although I found the city (Munich) a little over-whelming to begin with (I'm a country person), it really, really grew on me. And brunch is fantastic.

I shall write a proper post about Munich, with pics, but not now, as it's nearly 11 and I'm tired. I've gone from being unemployed and spending all my time at home to being employed and having something on almost every evening. I'm actually quite proud of myself. I went from being hired as a temp to open letters to being offered an account manager position in four months. But it's meant a lot of over-time, and offering to do extra work and just generally trying to make myself indispensable, because money is awesome. I like money. It allows me to do the things I like to do, and haven't been able to do for a while, like...paintball, and travelling, and other things that are extremely hard to do without money.

What else? As much as I promised myself I wouldn't watch things on-line and would wait for them to come to the tellybox, I have given in to temptation. Monday night is True Blood, Tuesday is W13, Wednesday is Pretty Little Liars. I made the mistake of trying to explain PLL to someone the other day, and got too excited, verbally spewed a lot of non-sense and ended with and everyone is someone else's brother and the babies are all fake!. My brain is not sharp enough to keep up with all the twists and turns, guys, you know that. I am easily confused.

I still visit my mother every Wednesday, and she is still being pretty awesome (I'm still enjoying our friendship after years of being at odds), and it's kind of adorable how excited she gets for a game of Yahtzee after dinner. Also, she was out to dinner with her best friend and her best friends' daughter, who happened to mention W13, and my mother was like 'Oh, Warehouse 13? I love Warehouse 13!'. Keep being awesome, ma.

Anyway, I'm tired (I had a game of squash tonight, during which I lost four games badly, but did make my opponent laugh, so I count it as a win. Sometimes our games are serious and sometimes I accidentally make them like a Benny Hill sketch (I run into the walls a lot, and seem to spend a lot of time meeting the floor) - and I got hit in the head /hard/ by a squash ball. Plus, you know it's going to be a good time when you have to say when you arrive, 'I'm so sorry, I didn't realise until I changed here that I'd picked up the shorts with the hole in the crotch'), and so I shall bid everyone goodnight.
25th-Jul-2012 10:42 pm(no subject)
Warehouse 13
Dear Warehouse 13,

Thank you for remaining awesome, and for making my brain go KJWHNM<£NKJFHLKSJHF(*£UYRKJHFLSAKFJL.


28th-Apr-2012 01:27 am(no subject)
IB icon
Why I shouldn't watch Lip Service at 1am. Too many feelings. Most of them along the 'WTF!' lines. I mean...jesus. I could write the show better than this. I have too many feelings and opinions, and I have to sleep. But yes. !feelings. Wtf lip service? Just...what. the. fuck. Heather Peace and Ed (the actor whose name I temporarily forget) felt like the only two actually carrying this ep. Well, actually, Sadie was still Sadie. But still. WTF. I just don't have the words.
28th-Mar-2012 10:59 pm - Boo-be-doop-be-doop-boop sex!
I...have a problem. It's real. It's taking over my life. It's...Community.

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In other news, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at Lost Girl than I did while watching 2x21 yesterday evening. I won't spoil in case you haven't seen it...but I will say...The Morrigan. MC Hammer. When the running man move happened, I lost it. Totally. Fifty points to you, Emmanuelle Vaugier, because you sold that and I bought it. Ok, so maybe I spoiled it a little, but the truth is so much more than I can convey. It was so unexpected. It's...I don't even know. Keep getting better, Lost Girl! (Although I cannot believe Lauren Bo-blocked herself). I really hope they’re not planning a Dyson/Bo ending to the season. I get it – he’s got his love back, and believe me, I actually like him now, but…Lauren/Bo has been building all season. Don’t fuck us over, writers. Just don’t. Bo killed Nadia, ffs, and yet look how Lauren is still willing to kiss her! (I’m not sure that reflects too well on the good doctor, but, y’know). Like I said – keep getting better. Lost Girl is never going to be the OMG show…but it’s turning into a fine slice of entertainment. Keep getting better!
Warehouse 13
Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

These questions were asked by lysachan, and some epic questions they turned out to be. I'm taking this as proof positive that I am losing my filters, and I...have problems not giving pretty long answer to questions. I apologise! This gets long, and candid...and... yeah. I hope this doesn't disappoint, lysachan! :)

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5th-Jan-2012 11:50 pm - ripples in the pond
Warehouse 13
I haven't posted in forever. I had a post all set out, the words perfect, the structure wonderful...and then I went blank. This has happened a lot today. There has been some unfortunate news here, and, well, one deals with it the best one can.

One finds when something overwhelming happens, one responds with the immaterial. I have been singing the praises of my new phone, for example. It's the first smart phone I have ever owned, and I am comfortable saying it makes me feel rather less than smart (some of you know just exactly how good I am with technology). I went to visit someone tonight, and in lieu of actual conversation, we laughed at how I didn't have a clue how to work it. My mother laughed at me when she saw me attempting to text on it earlier in the evening, and despite the serious nature of the text I could not help but laugh along when she said, 'You wrote that so slowly! Usually you're a mile a minute on the keyboard, and that was one finger, slowly contemplating the screen...you looked like me trying to send a text!'. And, sadly, it was true. I saw a few people in the pub tonight, and showed them my new phone, and got the following comments: "Oh, so you're finally in the twenty-first century!" (snarky bastard) and "Oh my god. Is that a smart phone? You have a /smart phone/!?"

And I can't help it - I've been getting really excited about it. Terribly excited. I've never had a phone that has more than the ability to call and text people before. I've been running up to people and saying things like, "Oh, have you seen my new phone? It has Youtube! </i>Youtube</i>!". People have been giving me some long, slow looks you guys.

Speaking of the immaterial, and my mother, did I mention I love her? Now that she's back, we're seeing each other more often, and it's lovely.

For example: Although I'd already watched s3 of W13 online, she found it and recorded it for me on her skybox-thingy as it was aired on syfy (WHY DID YOU RENAME YOURSELF THAT?!). I did not argue against this, as watching on a [insert-hugely-large-measurement-size-tellybox] with surround sound beats watching it streaming on your laptop anyday. And oh god, 'Emily Lake/Stand' are literally my favourite episodes of /anything/ last year. And she came in to knit while I was watching (and yes, I was knitting too), without prior knowledge of the series. Fair enough, we started with the new christmas special (which I loved, btw - every show should do christmas specials), which afforded me a nice opportunity to explain certain relationships, but then I put on Emily Lake/Stand, and, I love my mother. She was sitting there, watching...and ok, fair enough, she did make me pause several times (especially during Stand, which she loved but was quite confused by) in order to explain the nature of artifacts, and certain relationships, but...well. She got more and more quiet during Emily Lake...I'd explained what I could of what was happening in relation to what had happened during the season (Claudia and Jinx, Jane, etc) but...W13 fans will know what I mean when I say the 'running up that hill' scene. I was trying my best not to cry, really I was, when I glanced across at my mother. She looked at me, and quite seriously stated...'But...that wasn't fair. Mr Jinx was one of the good people...' And she was tight-lipped and serious, and slightly teary. She meant it. Oh, mum. Never change.

In other news, did I mention the new phone? I've never had a phone that does e-mail, and freaking /youtube/ before. Youtube! on a freakin phone! (yes, I am excited enough to mention it twice in one post, just go with me, okay?) I demonstrated for mum's husband by loading a video of an artist he loves (indulgence, don't you just love it?). The secret? I watched this music dvd with him, and it's actually one of my favourites. This is the opening song that I loaded for him:

I absolutely love this dvd. Paula cole being a part of it doesn't hurt.

(Getting back to the phone (what, I'm excited!) the nice thing about being behind the times is that everything is new and /exciting/ for me! Did I mention I can get Youtube on my phone? The first thing I loaded was a Myka/H.G vid. No kidding).

(Oh, and also, I bought a leather cover for the phone, because I know what I'm like and thought I ought to at least try and protect it against dropping/etc...the secret? The cover opens somewhat like a book...or, (and some of you will get this) like a Farnsworth. Which is /exactly/ what I pretend it is. I've been dying, dying to share this with someone in real life, but no-one would get it. It amuses me every. single. time).

Oh, for those non-Warehouse 13 fans on my flist, have a spoiler - this video includes the scene I meant. If you'd watched 3 seasons of W13, I'd dare you not to cry:

"You'd be gone. You'd be dead. The price is too high."

(this video is full of spoilers, don't watch if you're planning to watch the show *cough*DaryaI'mgoingtomakeyouwatchthis*cough*).

And yes. That is Captain Janeway.

And have the (terribly filmed) actual scene (spoilery):

Ok, I just had hysterics to this. Whatever works, right?
13th-Nov-2011 12:28 am(no subject)
Foster and Lightman
Stolen from daryadavoyen

Name 7 things in your handbag.(I have a bag, I wouldn't call it a handbag. It's the bag I take everywhere, and has all kinds of things in it 'just in case').

1. Gum
2. Paracetamol
3. Several notebooks
4. A small digital camera
5. A commemorative coin
6. A little bag of make-up (eyeliner and lipgloss)
7. A watch

Name 6 things you do when you are stressed:

1. Walk
2. Sing
3. Procrastinate on the internet
4. Listen to music
5. Call someone
6. Watch a film

Five Favorite Fruits

1. Apples
2. honeydew melon
3. raspberries
4. Grapes (black or red)
5. Persimmon

4 Names I go by.

Hmmm...that's a difficult one...different people tend to call me different things. The only time I get worried is if someone calls me by my whole first name - I assume I've done something wrong.

3 Things I'm wearing right now:

Black zip up hoodie, purple scarf, white t-shirt. Obviously, not /just/ those three things...

When was the last time I shaved?

....random question is random. Where's the question asking two things?
Foster and Lightman
Life teaches you all sorts of important lessons, like…don’t dance on a ladder. Like...If you’ve been handling fresh chillies, do not touch your eyes or any sensitive areas on you or anyone else for at least five hours. The Lion King will always make you cry, so don’t watch in company. And always check your face in a mirror before leaving the house.

Why? I went to the pub last night, and repeatedly was asked, ‘ have you been painting today?’

‘Yes, how did you know?’

It turns out that at some point during my day, my hand covered in paint had made contact with both my cheek and my eyebrow. I’d watched television with my father, for an hour and half before leaving the house, and yet he somehow failed to mention that half my face was coloured in a flattering shade of magnolia.

Then, back in the room I'm painting, I had one of those horrible moments today, the complete brain fail moments – standing on a ladder, screwdriver deep into a heater that’s mounted on the wall in the bathroom and all of a sudden…”Did I switch off the power to this before I opened it up?” (No, as it turns out, I hadn't). It didn’t help that I’m coming down with a cold, and so kept swaying alarmingly. Not a great thing to be doing on a ladder.

I started developing the cold in the pub last night, probably should have come home...didn't. Woke up this morning with a voice much, much deeper than normal where I was losing it. Basically, I sound like a bloke. A pretty bloke with boobs, but a bloke none-the-less.

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12th-Oct-2011 11:56 pm - Theme songs
scully facepalm
I still don't have full internet powers. It sucks. But have a preview for a future post: songs from film and tv:

(all the first three come from the same film - if you can name it, would you like to marry me?):

This post, and the nascent one that is half plotted, were inspired by a discussion about this theme tune:

You know how I love music. You know I love tv and film. You guys knew I was captivated by soundtracks, right?

Also, apropos of nothing, someone reminded me of this film today: The first film I ever remember watching (not the first thing on screen, but the first film), and the first film that ever made me cry (I was teeny tiny, cut me some slack. I probably shouldn't admit that it still makes me cry, right?):

11th-Oct-2011 12:58 am - Late photos
Warehouse 13
My internet is broken. Man, you really don't realise how much you use something until it's taken away from you (and by 'use', I mean 'am addicted to'). I don't really know when I'm going to be able to have time to do a big post again, so have some teasers/spoilers for posts that I promised (and a photo that is super,super late).

France was beautiful, as usual:

PICT0006 (2)

And remember that field of dreams I mentioned? I made a new animal friend. This little guy (or girl) was adorable:


(Me: "I don't suppose you have any wire cutters in your car?"
Mum: "...")

Remember that wedding I was freaking out about? And how I said their might be pictures? Well, there weren't, bar two. Normally, if I had been drinking, you would have seen my little moon face appearing in loads of pictures of the event, but sober I am very camera shy, and only got caught once (which I forgot about, which is why there's a picture of me in the bathroom, because I remembered as I was leaving that I'd promised a pic for LJ, to show my panic-bought out-fit, which I think...turned out ok?. And that cardigan is my new favourite thing. If you walk fast enough, it starts trailing behind you like a cape. Not that I did that. At all. No way. Nope.)

wedding 1

And finally, I made a comment on someone's LJ that Pete and Myka from W13 remind me of myself and my best friend, only unfortunately I'm more Pete and he's more Myka. Typical pub conversation: Him: "I learnt the order of the island of Japan today. Can you name them?" Me: "........." Him: "It's easy! *names them*...."names them backwards*" Me: "Yeah, well...I got chased by a goat today" Him: "When did you even see a /goat/?" Me: "Long story, dude."

This is possibly my favourite picture of us:


He's doing a joke/skit that I should be playing along with, but I'm not because I probably didn't remember. Also, it may not have been christmas. I may have just found that hat and am wearing it...well, just because. [Edit: I remember, it was christmas, and thank goodness I couldn't find the pictures involving the fake antlers]
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